New York Fashion Week’s bold hair choices have already proved inspirational, and our full wrap-up, coming next week, will deep dive some seriously savvy looks when the whole week is wrapped. Until then, here’s a taste courtesy of formatively Aussie salon chain Prema, and their collaboration with Kaimin’s poppy capsule collection. With hair direction led by Australian hairdresser Dale Delaporte, and the hair opting for strong Mohawk wigs you’re unlikely to see on other catwalks, this show brimmed with creativity and edge.

The collection explores the opposing forces of technological minimalism and lush organics, with the title ‘Oriental Garden – Utopian Discord’. Boldly feminine, embellished with florals and exploring the notions of dark and light, the runway show was more a stage show turned roof top party – perfect for Prema.

The salon created a series of wigs for both heads and private body parts to create irregular silhouettes and shapes. Not many hair salons would take control of both regular hair and pubic hair, but this show went beyond the ordinary, exploring hair and beauty as it pertains to the full body as a work of art.

The hair look harnessed this theme of opposing forces, with punk-inspired mohawks that bridged the gap of hard and soft. Utilising the ANTI product range, hair integrity, lift and style were paramount.

Get the look below.

1. Liberally apply ANTI Texture Spray throughout the hair and dry through, focusing on getting as much volume as possible on top. The hair should have a noticeable “roughness” to the roots
2. Section out the sides from temple to nape following the rounds ness of the head
3. Gel side sections very tight to the head and curving around the ear.
4. In 1” sections through the top, use straightening irons to remove any kinks and direct hair 90 degrees from the head.
5. From the centre lightly backcomb roots and spray in sections while adding heat to form the desired shape of the mohawk. Use a mixture of hands and heat to create the point and direction of the mohawk until desired shape is reached.

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