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Prema Packed The Party of Hair Expo 2017

It’s not often a salon blacks out the windows on a prime street location and throws a party – Prema’s Hair Expo party reminded us of the glory days when London’s Hair mecca Salon International threw parties that where wild, underground and lots of fun, writes Cameron Pine.

Up to 100 Prema staff, guests and hairdressers in town made their way to the Prema Surry Hills salon on Sunday June 11 – joining the likes of globally recognised hairdresser Nick Irwin (as the DJ) and Spanish hairdressing heroes Xpresion Creativos.

Nick Irwin

Heralding another great reason to celebrate one of the biggest weekends on the hairdressing calendar, Prema decided it was time to drop the rules and limitations of a big venue and throw a party that truly resonates with the culture of hairdressing and unites like-minded individuals in a truly creative way – minus the campaign imagery but with a true appreciation of the creative souls that define the craft.

Serving the ultimate spirits, wine and tunes for a good time – including some provocative imagery on the salon screens to get everyone in the mood for a party – Prema was the perfect way to finish the night after the Generation Next Gala and a busy Sunday of education at Hair Expo. With more than 50 staff now employed by Prema across all three salons, the brand has created a reputation for being a bit of a disruptor in the market – making a statement in fashion hair while building a clientele as diverse as their salon location – Bondi, Surry Hills and New York.

Garry Lenagh and Luke Reynolds

With a culture of love – and freedom of expression, outfits were outrageous and freedom encouraged – it was definitely a party where stereotypes subsided and salons came together.

“I am really proud of my team for throwing such a great party. It was really well received and had everyone talking about Prema over the Hair Expo weekend. We were told it was definitely the party to be at,” said Prema Director Francesco Ruggerino.

Sarah Bibby

“It was also a really fun way for the Prema staff to be introduced to the rest of the industry. Sometimes you can feel like the wild card in the industry and it’s great to have other hairdressers come and celebrate with us,” said Anthony Robles from Prema.

It was perfectly timed considering 2017 was a little light-on in terms of Sunday night parties. Apart from a large and very successful Haircare Australia party, the days where the Sunday night of Hair Expo was plagued with countless party options were seemingly behind us and Prema saw the opportunity and ran with it.

It must have been a really great night because when questioning some of the Prema staff it seems there memories are a little hazy. At one point some remember the cops turning up to check out what the fuss was about but Franc charmed them with the usual Prema love and the night continued.

Kitty Sheridan, Ellie Elazzi, Johhny Ruggerino, Jordan Robbie Robertson

We can’t wait for the 2018 instalment. From New York to Sydney it is obvious that the hairdressing The Prema party is one ticket you’ll need next Hair Expo.

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