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Preview Myer’s AW 17 Hair and Beauty Looks

Runway season has officially started – and you’ll know that from Myer’s seasonal hair and beauty previews, predicating one of the biggest runway shows of the year. This year two very disparate looks from KEVIN.MURPHY define the Myer Autumn Winter 2017 woman – in her alternatively matte and grungy, or sleek, shiny and all-out gold glory.

“For Myer Autumn Winter 2017, our influences have been taken directly from the venue that we’re using in Melbourne,” KEVIN.MURPHY Session.Master James Nicholson revealed. “Myer and the venue are both iconic Melbourne institutions. The venue is a very famous carpark that was built by the university of Melbourne in the 60s, it’s only be used for public use twice, once to film the movie Mad Max and Channel 10 were allowed to used it for Masterchef, but no one has ever had the venue hire to put a runway show there.”

“The interior is 60s architecture, it’s this dark cabin with white pillars that curve and make this big awning, like the inside of a church,” he continued. “So with that in mind we used all of the curves of the architecture in the hairstyles.”

Those curves come in the form of curved KEVIN.MURHY signature Fringe Benefit fringes for one of the looks, anchoring loose waves and cool-girl, urban hair (take note – this look is incredibly salon-relevant). For this first look, FULL.AGAIN was a necessity to repeal that inevitable summer damage, while HAIR.RESPORT.SPRAY and SESSION.SPRAY proved vital for the runway.

The second look sees the curves painted on the sides of the hair in cosmetic gold hairspray, tying the rest of the hair back into immaculate ponytail. Shine, gloss and an exceptional finish define the look, next to the bright gold feature elements. As such SHIMMER.SHINE was a go-to tool.

The makeup looks come courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent, also giving two alternate looks that bounce between wearable and strikingly bold. The YSL staple, flawless skin, strengthens both looks, allowing the light of the venue to bounce off highlighted cheek bones, while brows and lips are purposefully blocked out to pull all attention to the eyes.

Grunge grey in an aspirational smokey eye in the first look and vivid coppers in a circular fashion for the second eye looks provide the features of each makeup brief, while a trendy, glossy texture will create a swelled ‘petrol’ eye effect.

“With that historical landscape, it’s very dark, sensual, opulent, but as well as being sexy and opulent, you have this grunge edge at the same time, so we’ve done this really sexy, emo, grungy worn in smokey eye which is about a dark opulence with reflection,” YSL Artistic Director, Ross Andrewartha, said. “Then we’ve gone to the complete opposite end of the spectrum and gone for burnt coppers onto the eyes in an oval shape.”

The show will take place in the iconic venue on February 16th, lighting up Melbourne as usual, dictating the beauty trends and reminding you that, yes, runway season has arrived.

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