Pure Education and Elite Hair Education are supporting Queensland’s hairdressing industry with some free cutting education. The institutions are offering 30 spots for first and second year apprentices to attend a 2 Day Foundation Cutting Workshop, with each spot valued at over $1000. The gesture gives back to an industry that has had not just the disruptions of COVID, but also a myriad of tragic natural disasters in recent years, culminating in the recent floods.

“As Brisbane based businesses, we have witnessed the impact these destructive flooding events have had on the lives and livelihoods of so many in our community,” the brands said. “We would like to give back to the hair industry after the devastation that has affected the training for the new wave of hair stylists. From COVID lockdowns to the recent floods, it’s been a difficult time, and we want to show our support to the industry we all love.”

The foundation cutting course will be held on May 10 and 11, and operates as part of the Scissor Licence Program, as well as a stand-alone workshop. The course teaches solid fundamentals for hairdressers to master essential principle precision haircuts such as solid form, increase layers, graduation and uniform layers. The sessions outline these essential cuts step by step, while also teaching personalised techniques, equipment usage and body position and how to cut hair in approach.

The class is designed for beginners and offers tailored and individual focuses from the educators, as well as a resources manual and a personalised action plan.

Register now to utilise this education opportunity.

For more information visit www.elitehaireducation.com/contact