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Pure Hair Food Launch

An impressive array of roughly fifteen pineapples lined the walls of The Reservoir, along with other fruit, crates, fresh looking botanicals and, of course, the feature products we were all there to celebrate. Welcome to the launch of Pure Hair Food, a new salon-exclusive, natural and Australian made range of hair care products set to be the new salon phenomenon.

Pure Hair Food was founded by hairdresser Nadia Valeria and her business partner Danetsa Konsky, as an organic solution to haircare. Made with natural ingredients that are locally sourced and crafted in Australia, the range is entirely cruelty-free and colour safe. Nadia and the brand’s Ambassador Ziyad Nicolas took to the floor to explain the benefits of this new range.


Danetsa Konsky, Ziyad Nicholas and Nadia Valeria

“We wanted to create a range that was consumer friendly, so every product in the range is safe to use on coloured hair, has heat protectant in it, and is affordable luxury,” Nadia shared. “We like to think of our care range as a green smoothie for hair, it’s all about putting nutrients and antioxidants back in the hair, promoting healthier hair growth, smoother hair, shinier hair, basically making hair softer and more manageable.”


As such beauty media were treated to organic juices and a healthy breakfast, while along with these dishes the products were laid across the table. In the shampoo line, Pure Hair Food addresses moisture, volume and nourishment, with Hydrate Your Hair, Boost Your Hair and Detox Your Hair. There is also a moisture conditioner and volume Conditioner, as well as a moisture and protein masque.

In styling, smoothing serums, lightweight volume sprays, anti-frizz curl creams and treatment creams, as well as a matte texture paste and medium hold pomade are all on offer.


“I haven’t come across a range like this yet,” Ziyad, who has been working with the range for about a year, revealed. “The thing I like most about this range is it’s designed for an Australian climate, the one thing that I find here is the extreme heat factor and a lot of these products have technologies that slim the hair down within the humidity.”

Salon exclusive, the range is a new key tool for hairdressers and is already stocked in dozens of salons despite its very recent introduction to the market. Alongside the organic nature of the range being paramount, education is an important component as well, with creative seminars by Nadia and business sessions with Julie Piantadosi on the horizon.


As the media learnt in a delicious breakfast, natural is almost always better. We’ll take our green smoothies both for our hair and in the traditional sense from now on.

For more information visit or call 1300 256 226

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