Pureology as you know it is having a brand refresh as of August 2020, with an all-new brand look, elevated formulas and a refocus of their core brand values, centred around the idea of Beauty With Meaning. The renowned brand will maintain iconic staple elements of the Pureology identity, including its vegan formulas, signature aromatherapy and sustainable bottles, while also adding environmental packaging, new branding and mission statements, faces and ambassadors that showcase diversity and powerful beauty locally and globally.

After almost 20 years in business, the Pureology DNA is clear. The Californian brand began with the pursuit of facilitating healthy, colour-treated hair and championing clean beauty. The brand has long upheld those ideals with ZeroSulfate® shampoos, 100 per cent vegan formulas and bottles that are 100 per cent recyclable and made from 95 per cent post-consumer recycled materials.

Products in the range offer shine, hair health and colour care, with multi-benefits that focus on both quality and colour. The silicone free products range from hydrating tools across different levels of hydration, to Superfood Treatments for nourishment and strength, alternately volume and smoothing specific products, blonde specific products, strength based formulas, protective styling products and Color Fanatic, which takes colour care to its extremes. This diverse, tailored and comprehensive range addresses damage, manageability, texture, heat protection, colour richness and much more as necessary within the savvy range.

As an evolving brand for its two decades of operations, this refresh presents its most dramatic change yet. The refresh includes new, modern packaging, branding and colour palettes, changing the look of the brand and showing off its sophisticated, luxe energy.

Beyond aesthetic, the brand ethos is being brought o the forefront. The brand mentality is built around the principle of empowering and including women, while making a positive impact on the world. As such, core values of quality, health and sustainability remain vital to the brand process. High performing products, a commitment to protecting the environment and transparent communication that details pure formulas, gaining trust from professionals and consumers, are all vital facets of the brand.

These bold principles built on empathy, innovation, inspiration and making a positive impact define 2020 beauty for Pureology, building their Beauty With Meaning ethos and informing their refreshed brand campaign. Bringing this message to life, Pureology have partnered with a group of real, inspiring Australian women, from artists, to business owners, writers, beauty experts, thought leaders, wellness gurus, entrepreneurs and more. The campaign collaborates and deeply engages with these inspiring women to educate, inform, inspire and uplift hair and beauty communities.

Throughout 2020, the campaign will showcase these women, who all exhibit the spirit of Pureology in their own ways. The campaign will emphasise their journeys and success stories, inspiration points and relationship with beauty, sustainability and the brand. Global ambassadors for the brand, with more to be revealed, include Stormi Bree, Cris Urena, Marissa Hill, Kiersten Wood, Alison Pontheir and Kate Bock, who boast millions of social media followers between them and truly influence with their bold personalities and ideals.

Pureology’s core values are and have always been apparent. The brand won’t test on animals, healthily treat hair with natural ingredients (think Vitamin E, corn, coconut, sugar and sunflower seed) and their prized ANTIFADE COMPLEX® and offer highly concentrated formulas for real results. Sustainability, quality and the meaningful scope of beauty continue to be key. This 2020 refresh begins the new decade with those values as a reiterated focus, exemplified in new faces, formulas and packaging. Here’s to a continuously bright future of an important brand!

For more information visit https://salon.pureology.com.au/