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Pureology Releases Curl Complete

A Curl Complete collection comprised of six products will be this season’s answer to perfect curls. Created to combat frizz and dryness, the products from Pureology offer curl enhancement and definition that will last up to three days.

PUREOLOGY Curl Complete_Model

The products are made to target the stress points of curls, which are the weakest part of the curl. They can be found on the outer part of the curve and are made even more vulnerable through colour. The range’s use of Coconut Oil, sourced from the palm-fringed Samoan Islands, and exclusive Antifade Complex, which possesses hydrating and replenishing qualities, re-substance the hair fibre to revive the hair’s original curls.

The inclusion of Elastic 3D Crystal Net nourishes curls with weightless moisture for added definition and shine. The range uses only vegan ingredients and luxury ZeroSulfate hair care formulas, ensuring the products don’t over-cleanse and remove the hair’s natural nourishing oils.

The collection is made up of six essential products. The Pureology Curl Complete Shampoo and Condition cleanse, pamper and smooth the hair for invigorated curls. The Moisture Melt Masque can be used on the coarsest of curls for a lightweight conditioning treatment that defines curls and controls frizz. The Curl Extend is a duo formula that evens out the porosity of colour-treated curly hair while nourishing, moisturising and controlling frizzy hair. The combination of highly concentrated conditioning agents and styling polymers directly targets the stress points of curls. The Taming Butter includes relaxing humectants such as Soy Bean Oil, which, when used in conjunction with the Shampoo and Curl Extend, creates new hydrogen bonds for improved bounce and elasticity. Lastly, the Uplifting Curl is an ultra-light spray that pampers listless curls, creating enhanced curl activation and bounce.

PUREOLOGY Curl Complete_Group

Creating invigorated curls, combating stress points and correcting vulnerable and lifeless curves, Pureology’s Curl Complete collection is curl-friendly with a capital C!

For more information visit and call 1300 386 421

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