Harry Josh is no stranger to a celebrity head of hair, with a host of impressive credits to his name and a newly appointed role as Goldwell and KMS Ambassador, Americas, adding to his experience.

In this new role Josh will lead both salon brands in style, innovation and results through mediums such as social media, press engagements and industry events, presenting new products and collections and showcasing the versatility and impact of these brands.

“The values that drive Harry—compassion, integrity, artistry, innovation, hard work, and sustainability—are the very same values that drive Goldwell and KMS,” said Scott Guinter, General Manager, Kao Salon Division US. “These values, combined with his unique legacy in the industry, will undoubtedly inspire and elevate our pursuit of fuelling the creativity of stylists through ground-breaking products and services.”

We spoke to Josh about the partnership and his next steps with Goldwell and KMS.

Can you share how the Goldwell/KMS Brand Ambassador role came about?

I’ve had a long relationship with the Kao portfolio of brands. I’ve always been a fan of the corporation and the products they house in their salon sector, which helped make partnering with them on this level a no brainer.

Why do you feel these brands are the right fit for you?

For me, shared values are the most critical component of any partnership. The Kao Salon portfolio of products are not only essentials for expressing my creative vision in both colour and style, but their steadfast commitment to education, salon partnership, sustainability and delivering outstanding, innovative professional products to stylists and consumers ensures I am working to the best of my ability for every single look I create.

Do you have a favourite product in the Goldwell range?

“The entire Kao Salon portfolio of products is essential to expressing my creative vision, in both colour and style. The innovative professional products ensure I’m working to the best of my ability for every single look I create”

What about your favourite KMS products and why?

“I love KMS HAIRPLAY Molding Paste. It’s a best-seller because it gives great texture with a modern, natural finish. You can use it on damp hair, or apply it to dry hair for more texture and fullness. Every guy loves this product!”

Who have you looked up to in your career?

I have always looked up to Serge Normant for his grace, kindness, compassion and willingness to teach others – his trade secrets!

Can you describe yourself in three words?

Grateful, happy, patient.

What are you most excited about over the next year in hair? What does the future of hair and the industry look like?

There is so much happening and evolving in the hair industry today, thanks to brand like Goldwell and KMS who are upping their technology game. Goldwell’s launch of @Pure Pigments direct dye additives changed the game, elevating professional hair colour to new heights of intensity and brilliance. Texture formulas and services have also come a long way and we can now celebrate or change natural textures while leaving hair feeling as good as it looks. KMS THERMASHAPE Straightening Conditioner is a great example. It’s a customisable conditioner that gradually straightens hair when used with hot tools, while offering heat protection too.

What is your best career advice for stylists who follow your work?

I would have to say be patient and focus on understanding the client in your chair – their needs, desires and how much time and effort they are willing to put into their hair on a daily basis. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, just keep your nose to the ground and focus on your journey – not comparing yourself to everyone else!

You’ve worked with so many amazing celebrities. Whose hair do you love? And whose hair would you love to work with?

So many of my clients have such great hair, it is impossible to pick one! I would love to work with Eckhardt Tolle – not so much for the hair factor, but my admiration for him!

If you weren’t a hair stylist what would you be? 

I think I would love to explore being either a self help coach or a social worker – anything that allows me to help others.

For more information visit www.kaosalondivision.com