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Quiche Eaters Collection

Award-winning stylist Jules Tognini presents a men’s collection that embodies male strength in an unconventional way – conveying strength of character and strength of mind, as well as physical masculinity.

Every facet of the shoot was constructed to express these ideals, between artistic lines painted on each model in a statement of power, or purposeful lighting casting highlights and shadows that draw attention to the torso, jaw and power of the face.

Every man photographed was an actual client of Jules, and their real, raw personalities shone through, with authentic imperfections showcased through rough cuts and loose styling. Jules also created contrast between scalp and length and through textural variety. Strong head shapes were accentuated with balding fades, pivotal length or tight sharp defining lines.

Fresh from a stellar evening at the Hair Expo Awards, where he took home Men’s Hairdresser of the Year, Educator of the Year and Photographic Collection of the year, Jules’ collection is poised as a trend-setter.

His main take away is for men to own their looks without caring what others think. Another equally important rule is to avoid what many think is the male trend of 2015.

“No self-respecting Quiche-Eater would be seen dead with a tidy little Man Bun aka MUN,” he opined. If you look closely you’ll notice there’s nary a man bun in sight.


Name: Quiche Eaters
Hair: Jules Tognini
Photo: Adam Finch
Makeup: Tracey Tognini
Products : evo

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