If you’ve ever wanted to gain insights from two forces of the hair and beauty industries, you’re in luck. Session stars Rae Morris and Sarah Laidlaw are teaming up for a full-day education event, set to take place in Sydney in late October.

Presented by BehindTheLook.com.au, the partnership pairs Rae, a four time makeup artist of the year recipient, with Sarah, awarded Australian Session Stylist of the Year four times, for an event set at the Eternity Playhouse in Darlinghurst. The two will be presenting together for the first time, showcasing a combined 50 years of experience in the industry.

Rae Morris image

Presenting alongside renowned fashion photographer Jason Ierace, the presenters will showcase the realities of editorial work, creating hair and makeup looks to be captured by Jason live on stage. Attendees will have an intimate view of the looks, live on stage and on the big screen as they are photographed and displayed in real time.

Sarah Laidlaw image

With a comprehensive agenda that covers the full on set experience, attendees will also learn about lighting basics, hair and makeup tips as required by a retoucher, and your role as a hair stylist within the tapestry of the entire shoot. The trio will also break down a brief, speak about how they achieve their desired look and discuss mood boards before creating their own live looks and images. The panel will then conduct a live Q and A.

Rae Morris and Sarah Laidlaw

Set to take place on October 29th, this is your chance to truly understand the editorial perspective from hair, beauty and photography perspectives from conception to execution – don’t miss out.

For more information visit behindthelook.com.au/btl-events/rae-sarah