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R+Co Australia Host First Workshop

R+Co is continuing their upwards trajectory in the Australian industry, adding to its national reputation with the brand’s first ever Australian Workshop held earlier this month. Run by Barney Martin, and assisted by James Pearce, the exclusive education event was kept small and intimate at Barney Martin Hair, congregating ten invite-only attendees from within the R+Co salon network.


Barney Martin

This list of attendees included Natalie DePasquale and Mark Bailey of Rhubarb Salon, Belle Jackson of Hair Cartel, Mel Kilic of TRiBU, Craig Rhodes of Smitten Hairdressing, Tim Madderford of Madd Hairdressing, Demi D’Errico from Stevie English, Jasmine Gilroy from Jamie Carroll salon and Linda Fioraliso from Tidy Wilde.


Barney treated the hairdressers to a couple of innovative tutorials of looks he designed with the brand’s Co-Founder and Creative Director, Howard McClaren. One curly-haired look was taken from the R+Co Italy launch created with Howard in Milan, and the other was a textured beehive with stitching, which was showcased by the pair at the Australian launch event in October.


Stylists were then given the opportunity to create one of the looks themselves on live models. Stylists were encouraged to interpret the looks in their own way and explore the range of their capabilities with the R+Co products. The looks were then photographed with a polaroid camera, inspired by by the latest anti-photoshop, Andy Warhol-esque Polaroid campaign by R+Co US, and the stylists were able to keep the polaroids for their portfolio.


Feedback has been red hot, with attendees lauding the looks, class format and relaxed atmosphere.

Want to experience an R+Co workshop for yourself? The brand is now on a roll with the next workshop scheduled for May 2nd.

Stay tuned.


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