The new year is the time for a fresh start, and with the festive season behind us, it’s a great time to clear out unwanted clothing and Christmas gifts that may have missed the mark. Yes, we know Grandma’s heart was in the right place, but if you’re really never going to wear that jumper, there’s a philanthropic place for you to pass it on, thanks to the Red Cross, writes Nouruloyun Borghol.

Arrangement of Christmas presents.

Galaxy research, commissioned by online marketplace Gumtree, suggests Australians spend an estimated $630 million, enough for 20.6 million presents, on Christmas gifts that aren’t wanted.

“A lot of us receive gifts we don’t really need or want,” says Andre Oosthuizen from the Red Cross retail team. “But this year, don’t ditch your unwanted presents. Instead, re-gift them to a Red Cross shop. When you donate your unwanted clothing, accessories, books and homewares, Red Cross is able to sell them to raise money for our vital support services, helping people in need around Australia and overseas. It’s an easy way to make the Christmas cheer spread that little bit further.”

When you shop or donate to a Red Cross shop you support the everyday work of Red Cross such as much needed help for struggling families, and the Red Cross is ready to receive almost all your unwanted presents (electrical items, large furniture and mattresses notwithstanding).

Red Cross has a national network of over 150 stores in every Australian state and territory. So, rather than putting it in the back of a cupboard, why not donate it to the Red Cross and they can really make a difference with it.

Make your ‘trash’ someone’s ‘treasure’ this year, and prove that it really is the thought that counts.

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