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Redken Colour Obsession 4.0

Redken took their creative colour talents around the country in the Redken Colour Obsession 4.0 tour. Heading to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane between the 24th of February and 16th of March, eight leading colourists and stylists belonging to the Redken tribe took to the stage to show off the latest looks.

REDKEN Color Obsession 4.0 msherwood_20150316_269

Presenters and models

The stellar line up consisted of Philip Barwick, Rachel Busby, Richard Kavanagh, Michael Kelly, Vincent Nobile, Justin Pace, Dmitri Papas and Kristina Russell. The artists were divided to showcase three presentations, detailing their artistic, architectural and natural points of inspirations before creating innovative looks live on stage. The looks were comprised of intense, rich hues of reds, violets and coppers in the Shades EQ, Color Fusion and Chromatics collections.

REDKEN Color Obesession 4.0 ccallistemon_146

Michael Kelly, Rachel Busby and Justin Pace on stage

Commercial tones of light blondes to deep brunettes were showcased in monochromatic hues, with gloss and shine. The Redken Blur Brush and the brand’s other cutting edge tools were demonstrated to teach how to create the most effective colour looks for your clients. Unique styling techniques were taught alongside colour.

REDKEN Color Obsession 4.0 ccallistemon_188

Philip Barwick

Having grown over the past year, the Redken Colour Obsession has become something of a tradition we wish to keep. With this level of creative talent and technical ingenuity in both colour and styling, we hope we’re writing about version 10.0 soon.

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