2020 isn’t all bad as hairdressing companies continue to innovate, with your kits and shelves as the ultimate benefactors. The latest comes from Redken, who have launched an Extreme Bleach Recovery range of three products and the dynamic new Oil For All.

Extreme Bleach Recovery consists of products made to fortify and strengthen bleached hair with the gentleness, care and focus on health that bleached hair truly requires. The formulas are built for fragile hair with the aim of restoring tresses to soft and flexible textures.

The product range is comprised of a shampoo, made with a vegan formula to convert dry, brittle hair into shiny, quality textures with every cleanse, as well as the unique Lamellar Water, a rinse-out treatment that instantly fills the porosity of the hair while providing instant softness, smoothness, and shine, to be used after the shampoo. Finally, a Cica Cream Leave-In Treatment repairs hair through a silicone-free, vegan formula, for deep nourishment and strength.

Each formula in the range contains Cica (Centella Asiatica), which is inspired by Korean skincare with repairing properties for healthy skin and hair, while Lamellar Water’s high concentration of cationic polymers drives conditioning agents to attach to the cuticle for instant transformation. The result is smooth, fluid, healthy-feeling hair. The ultra-caring formulas are made specifically to combat damage and dryness from bleach, all the way to the cuticle level, for instant improvement in softness, manageability and care. The range reports 63 per cent less breakage of hair after using the system.

In terms of Oil For All, the newly designed product offers instant shine, softness and manageability. As inspired by the brand’s Glow Dry Oil, as now created with a 100 per cent recycled PET bottle and no shrink wrap. The multi-benefit oil offers an invisible and lightweight finish, becoming a go-to tool for professional hairdressers and clients who want that dose of shine and reduced styling time. A proprietary blend of silicones tames frizz for this smooth sense of control.

No matter what’s going on in the outside world, it’s nice to know your shelves and kits continue to look stellar. Grab this all-new technology and start experimenting with what’s at your fingertips.

For more information visit salons.redken.com.au