An all-new Redken is on the cards, re-introducing clients and the professional industry to their iconic range of products, as current to 2021. Anchored by their inimitable decades-long legacy, as well as progressive, scientific innovation, this scientific approach defines the new era of the brand. The range now more ever maintains the health and integrity of hair with a focus on moisture, protein and pH balance.

With this new look and trusted formulas, Redken is proud to continue its role as a market staple with a point of difference to any other product, checking off some important criteria in doing so.

Firstly, its new, modern and sustainable packaging sets it apart, with all packaging made with at least 93 per cent recycled plastic. This houses its well-known effective ingredients, with proven efficacy and prescriptive benefits as tailored hair care options. Each formula has a specific concentration of ingredients to deliver calculated effectiveness to the hair.

Uniquely, the range is built around pH-balanced formulas, which promote healthy hair at a pH level of 4.5 to 5.5, which is in the acidic zone. The products help to maintain this natural acidity in order to avoid frizz, dryness and breakage, and are optimised with a balanced pH to respect the integrity of the hair.

The reinvented product suite offers a selection of twelve ranges, each formulated to address a tailored hair need, accommodating all hair types in the process. Salon professionals can accommodate their clients with the truly scientific nature of the ranges with a prescriptive model, whereby clients take a hair test to determine what range works best for them.

Appearing on shelves as of March and dedicated to elevating hair to its best form in 2021, welcome Redken reinvented.

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