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Refoil’s Initiative with Planet Ark Business Recycling

Recycled salon foil pioneer Refoil is teaming up with Planet Ark’s Business Recycling service to encourage salons across the country to start recycling.

Woohoo_girls_Refoil balls

Refoil was established in 2012, after co-founders Paul Frasca and Ewelina Soroko discovered that Australian hairdressers were sending more than 1 million kilos of foil to landfill every year. The brand has since saved 17 cubic metres of foil (enough to fill 560 wheelie bins) from being dumped.

Planet Ark – a not-for-profit organisation that provides reuse and recycling resources for businesses throughout Australia – is holding up the Refoil program and recycling champion, Woohoo Salon in Charlestown, New South Wales, as a case study of a positive and innovative program to address a key area of waste.


As Ewelina explained, “every salon that gets on board with Refoil means less waste ending up in landfill, which means we get one salon closer to achieving our mission to make salon foil waste history.”

You can find the Refoil case study at

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