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Rent a Room in this Luxury Salon

VIP establishment, the George Giavis Salon, is setting up a new ‘salon within a salon’ initiative, opening its doors to emerging hairdressers with a rent-a-room model. The salon is renowned for its work with beauty media and high-profile clients, revolutionising exclusive services in an affluent Woollahra setting.


“It’s difficult to start a business as there are so many costs of entry if you want to open a salon. This is even more the case in the Eastern Suburbs where the cost of rent and real estate is exorbitant. I want to provide a creative place for young up and coming hairdressers to build a business,” George explained of the new format. “I will be making two spaces available for the right people who have the vision, talent and skills to become significant names within the industry in the coming years.”

George Giavis

George Giavis

These spaces will be offered in the salon’s series of private suites, allowing the stylists their own atmosphere, business approach and secluded area. George hopes to provide mentorship to these young hairdressers and help to launch their businesses.


“The hairdressing industry is changing and we are seeing a decline in the number of hairdressers entering the market,” George shared. “We need to be building and nurturing Australian hairdressing talent. I think it’s time to give back and encourage some of the emerging talent in our industry by giving them the opportunity to start their own businesses.”


George is making the change he wants to see in the world, giving young stylists a unique opportunity to break into the Eastern Suburbs styling circle and catapult their careers.

For more information, contact or call (02) 9328 6700

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