The secret of forever-youthful hair has been uncovered with the new KEVIN.MURPHY YOUNG.AGAIN WASH, RINSE and MASQUE range, writes Adeline Kintono.

Designed to renew youthful lustre and shine and address the three types of hair ageing – hormonal, chemical, and environmental, the innovative range counteracts damage and softens even the most dry and brittle tresses.

“For the first time, we’ve shifted the focus from the hair lengths to the scalp, ensuring it’s healthy and feeding the cortex of the hair with the nutrients that YOUNG.AGAIN can deliver,” explained Kevin Murphy. “The range includes a complex of 20 amino acids, anti-ageing extracts like lotus flower and orchid, as well as unique Australian fruit extracts,” added Murphy.

Each product is infused with restorative powers of Immortelle and Baobab seed oil, both packed with healing qualities and extraordinary moisturising capabilities, returning elasticity, tone and shine back to the hair.


This wash thoroughly cleans hair, preparing it for prime reception of oils and Australian native extracts to protect the hair against ageing.


The rinse reverses brittle, frizzy, thinning, porous hair and takes it into a higher state of condition.


This bioflavonoid, essential oil and vitamin-infused formulation goes deep into the cortex – right to the scalp – to reverse chemical, hormonal and environmental damage.

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