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Revival Collection

For the Revival Collection, Chung-yang Su of Rokk Ebony took inspiration from everyone’s favourite muse – Kate Moss.

“When I was young I remember seeing an advertisement for Calvin Klein CK Be – in it was Kate Moss by herself talking about random things. I’ve always remembered that ad and was intrigued by its simplicity, or maybe just the beauty of Kate Moss,” Chung-yang shared.

This point of inspiration led him to delve into the fashion work of the campaign’s photographer Richard Avedon, which was inspiring in its simplicity, focusing on the models’ shape, style and emotion. It was this concept that became the genesis of the Revival collection, evolved by Chang Yung’s own perspective. Chung-yang provided the role of both stylist and photographer, ensuring he was in complete control of making his vision come to life.

“Taking the trend from the street and current fashion we see now, I combined hair stylised from different cultures, eras and subcultures to really take street fashion to another level,” Chung-yang explained. “I’ve completed it in a black and white finish staying true to the Avendon style of simplicity, and to give the whole collection a slight industrial look.”


Hair and photography – Chung-yang Su
Makeup – Sarah Baxter
Styling – Linda Vergura

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