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Revlon Professional Launch Be Fabulous

Revlon Professional unveiled their new brand chapter at the Darlinghurst Country Club on Monday, putting on an event with the requisite canapes, cocktails, champagne towers, photo booth and dance floor to welcome the Be Fabulous Range. Waiter carried trays of the new product – not to taste, but to touch and smell – and the multi-coloured product range sat around the room as decoration. This event was all about Be Fabulous – so what does the new range entail?

“Be Fabulous is a very effective treatment and retail line that can be used on any hair type,” Brand Ambassador Malisa Masci explained to the packed-out crowd. “This is exceptional on fine, yet frizzy hair as it smooths the frizz without depleting the volume. It’s equally great on coarse and wiry hair and it has the ability to smooth and compact the hair shaft for a red carpet finish.”

Malissa Masci

The new range is the result of over five years of research, anchored by the unique C.R.E.A.M. System Formula that repairs the hair fiber, protects colour, softens and hydrates – all tailored to different hair types. The new release is formatted as a four-step in-salon treatment and extensive retail range.

Let’s start with C.R.E.A.M., which actually stands for Colour protection, Repair, Enhancement, Anti-Age and Moisturising. The range’s many benefits therefore target colour loss, cuticle damage and breakage, loss of radiance, the reduction of hair vitality with age and dryness, all delineated into those important five categories. Ingredients such as Quaternium-22, Panthenol, Vitamin E and Betaine, among many others, are vital to fixing these hair needs.

The four-step in-salon service is a unique hair recovery routine, and the headliner of the new release. The professional-exclusive process uses patented technology to target the cuticle and cortex of the hair, providing deep repair in the case of damage.

From there, clients leave the salon with their new retail saviours. The Hair Recovery Damaged Hair product line prolongs the salon results of the services, while other tailored product lines and salon services address specific hair concerns. Be Fabulous for Normal/Thick hair helps to maintain moisture, protect colour and fight the signs of hair ageing specifically for this hair type, while the Fine Hair range augments the usual C.R.E.A.M. system by adding body and volume without weighing hair down. The range is complemented by serums that specifically help the hair and scalp.

Halle Berry for Revlon Professional

After hearing from Malisa and Revlon Professional Managing Director Matthew Kilty, attendees were also shown videos showcasing the latest from Revlon Professional and Revlon Cosmetics. Halle Berry was proudly announced as the Be Fabulous ambassador, starring in a video advertisement championing the new age.

“Revlon Professional is really gaining momentum in the Australian Market, we are growing and expanding every day, it’s a great time to be a part of this business,” Matthew shared.

A superstar celebrity face, shelf-worthy packaging (the range is comprised of a pink, purple and blue colour palette), innovative technology and an event filled with leading industry personalities to top it off. We’re on board with the new era of Revlon Professional.

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