She’s tried out every permutation of the shaved head look, rocked the ‘fro and even brought back the mullet in 2013 (pictorial proof below), so it’s safe to say Rihanna is a risk-taker when it comes to her locks. Whether switching between blonde or copper, playing with braid or wild curls, or chopping her long locks into bobs and pixie cuts, no one could ever accuse Rihanna of being boring.

To celebrate her 27th birthday tomorrow, we collated 12 of her boldest looks – but with Rihanna this is really just the tip of the iceberg. We can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us this year.

What are your thoughts on these audacious styles?

1. Pixie Cut


Rihanna plays with different layers in this dynamic pixie cut, finished with an 80s makeup look achieved through blue eyeliner and pink lips.

2. Asymmetrical Bob

10-rihanna-hair (1)

This straight asymmetrical bob is tame by Rihanna’s standards – a quirky, interesting look that could still be at home in the salon.

3. The’Fro


Showing off her wild curls in this rich copper shade, only Rihanna would pair this look with a red dress to match.

4. Blondie


These bright blonde curls cascade from extended dark roots, purposefully dishevelled for another take on red carpet cool.

5. The Mullet


Rihanna went where no pop star has gone before – proudly showing off her modern mullet in 2013. We’ll just leave this one here.

6. Two-Face


Rihanna again opts for asymmetry, with one side of flowing chestnut curls, and the other shaved. This contrasting style is part elegance, part punk edge.

7. Retro Inspo


Rihanna smartly pulls off this somewhat retro (see sleek 50s waves), but very modern (her trademark shaved head) look in a conscious clash of eras. Timeless red lips pull it all together.

8. Braided


In her favoured vibrant copper tone, Rihanna pairs a sophisticated side braid with big earrings and bold lips.

9. Quiff


Channelling Janelle Monae with her top-heavy quiff, Rihanna piles all the volume on top while leaving sides shaved. This original look is complemented by subtle cat eyes and bright red lips.

10. Punk Pride


From the shaved side to the long copper locks on top, along with the very 80s pink liner and clashing red beauty touches, every aspect of this look breaks the beauty rules – and yet somehow seems to work perfectly.

11.  Highlights


Swapping her usual edgy look for this softer, elegant style, Rihanna opts for gold highlights and long, brunette waves to suit her eye-catching red dress at the 2013 Grammys.

12. Contrast Curls


The singer once again shows off her affinity for juxtaposition, with a clear break between her big, blonde curls and closely shaved black sides. We have to admire her for never taking the easy option.

I’m sure we all wish we had clients brave enough to try some of these daring styles, but in this list of cool crops and varying colours there’s something to find for everyone – even if you want to avoid the mullet.

Which look is your favourite?