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Rokk Ebony Colour Competition Collection

A group of Rokk Ebony winners, runner ups and finalists in the Wella Trend Vision Awards combined to change your perception of colour. A collection of images that plays with multi-tonal hues, rainbow effects, pops of bright shades and interspersed pastels conveys colour at its most creative.

The styling and colouring group comprised of Elena Nardone, Adam Isles, Yoshi Shu, Scott Condon and Charlene Fernandez each took the reign in the collection of a dozen images. For example, Elena Nardone designed a braided upstyle, where each piece of the plaits had a different pink, blue or copper hue, creating a rainbow of interspersed complimentary colours. Adam Isles added subtle electric blue finishes to a cool grey colour, adding a particular punch to the soft wisps of hair around the face. He finished it with equally bold purple eyebrows.

Charlene Fernandez seamlessly merged clashing colours of pink, blue and green in a short hair style. With the colour meticulously placed, the result was a blinding, multi-coloured affair that was as a fun as it was skilful. Yoshi Su styled an Avant Garde up style in a unique, deep maroon that played with depth and dimension of colour for a compelling editorial look.

Unleashing the colour designs of members of the talented Rokk Ebony team, the salon proved that colour can complement natural or strong makeup looks in subtle or vibrant tonal choices on a myriad of Avant Garde to wearable styles. The only rule is to access every corner of the imagination.

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Image one:

Hairstylist: Adam Isles
Colourist: Adam Isles
Make Up: Fiona Verga
Photographer: Elizabeth Kinnaird
Assistant: Fiona Verga

Image two:

Hairstylist – Yoshi Su
Colourist – Yoshi Su
Make Up – Yoshi Su
Photographer – Yoshi Su
Assistant – Sanja Scher

Image three:

Hairtsylist – Yoshi Su
Colourist – Yoshi Su
Make Up – Yoshi Su
Photographer – Yoshi Su
Assistant – Yoshi Su

Image four:

Stylist – Skot Condon
Colourist- Charlene Fernandez
Make Up – Sarah Baxter
Photographer – Elizabeth Kinnard
Assistant- Charlene Fernandez

Image five:

Hair: Charlene Fernandez
Colourist: Charlene Fernandez
Make Up: Sarah Baxter
Photographer: Elizabeth Kinnaird
Assistants: Kieran Hanley, Skot Condon

Image six:

Hairstylist: Elena Nardone
Colourist: Elena Nardone
Make Up: Rob Povey
Photographer: Elizabeth Kinnard
Assistant: Rob Povey

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