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ROMA Collection

Mary Alamine, Creative Director of Sydney’s Royals Hair & Beauty, presents the ROMA collection, a colourful testament to Gypsy culture and the romance of tribal nomadism.

ROMA evokes the essence of Gypsy culture; from their origins in Northern India, to their migration around the globe between the 6th and 11th centuries. Gypsies were labelled ‘the travellers’, a moniker which then morphed into ‘Roma’, the collection’s title. This theme is conceptually captured in the hair’s movement and a carefree approach to hair styling.

Utilising braids, contrasting textures, disconnects in the hair and a rich, vivid colour palette in both the beauty looks and hair tones, the bohemian, tribal elements are merged with modern facets in both short and long hair styles.

Styled with tribal feathers and an abundance of accessories, ROMA is an explosion of colour, texture, fashion and culture, honouring individual style whilst still paying homage to the history of the world’s most nomadic people.


Hair: Mary Alamine
Makeup: Rachel Montgomery
Styling: Leticia Dare
Photographer: David Mannah
Salon: Royals Hair & Beauty

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ROMA 2 - Mary Alamine - Royals Hair & Beauty

ROMA 3 - Mary Alamine - Royals Hair & Beauty

ROMA 4 - Mary Alamine - Royals Hair & Beauty

ROMA 5 - Mary Alamine - Royals Hair & Beauty

ROMA 6 - Mary Alamine - Royals Hair & Beauty

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