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Rooi: Behind the Scenes with Caterina DiBiase and the Heading Out Team

You may have noticed we created a pretty epic tribal-infused editorial, Rooi, for our currently circulating, July August issue.

This was all with the help of L’Oreal Professionnel INOA Carmilane Reds, and a whole lot to do with the chimerical creativity of Caterina DiBiase and The Heading Out Hair and Beauty team – who worked tirelessly pre-shoot, weaving, twisting and colouring a series of beautiful Showpony Professional pieces.

It was a long day, but one worth every bit of energy the 15-strong team poured onto the table. Special mention to the raw, infectious sole, Jennifer Stenglein (our photographer for the day … and night), Napoleon Perdis’ Nicola Snell and style runner, Elaine Marshall – all the creatives who stepped up and made this project a special one.

Here’s a little insight behind the scenes of Rooi, plus a few frames that didn’t make it to print. We hope they inspire you.

Translating to ‘red’ in Afrikaans, Rooi celebrates hair’s most intriguing colour. The shade that has battled a lifetime of scrutiny and speculation now arrives stronger, brighter and more fearless than ever before – welcome L’Oréal Professionnel’s Carmilane Reds.







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