The Royal collection by Belinda Keeley is certainly rich in colour. With vibrant violets, golden blondes, brunettes with shades of soft mint green and bold auburns, this collection uses colour to be daring and bold.

The collection by Keeley from the Chumba Concept Salon in Melbourne comprises all styles and colour tones, remaining unified in its tendency to push the envelope. Straight sleek hair sits along wild curls. Short refined styles follow long, flowing tresses. No colour is one dimensional, being comprised of shades that can range from platinum blonde to dark purple in one look. The makeup similarly employs bold lips in red, plum and even darker purples to draw your eye.

Bold and unique with a trendy, modern edge, this collection is not for the faint of heart but will be sure to capture your attention.


Chumba Concept Salon

Hairstylists: Wade Blackford

Colourist: Belinda Keeley

Photography: Carl Keeley

Make up: Katarzyna Kieltyka

Styling: Vince Ruatoe

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