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Runway Bride Collection by Lizzie Liros Australia

Lizzie Liros drew inspiration for her latest collection, Runway Bride, from a Bohemian inspired editorial collection of American summer fashion magazines and runway coverage.

Revealing free-flowing bridal looks with natural texture was important to Lizzie as personal requests from her bridal clients for a Bohemian feel is on the rise.

“I wanted to show natural texture, movement and more of a runaway feel as a move away from a more traditional polished bridal style. These types of styles are becoming increasingly popular, so it is really important that bridal stylists know how to create these looks flawlessly to meet their clients’ needs,” explained Lizzie.

Hair Stylist: Lizzie Liros
Photographer: Dario Gardiman
Makeup: Ann Hassarati
Wedding Gowns: Velani by Nicky
Floristry: Maria Lush
Jewellery: Tessarella House

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Shot 03-064 crop

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Shot 05-094 Crop

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