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RUSK Release Engineering Shears

RUSK has released a range of Engineering Sheers, produced from Japanese VG-10 ultra-strong stainless steel. The range promises 100% corrosion resistance, strength, lightness and the ability to maintain sharpness and durability.


The RUSK Engineering Shears Collection

The new shears allow stylists to cut vertically or diagonally, using a low stress ‘elbow down’ cutting position, through features such as an ergonomically designed 360 degree rotating thumb and a crane handle. The open grip in the design reduces hand and wrist stress, swelling, tingling and numbness which can be associated from carpel tunnel syndrome due to uncomfortable cutting positions.

The range comes in fours unique designs, the Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma Shears, ensuring a scissor for every style. The Alpha Shear can be used on all hair types from the middle to ends of the hair, achieving texture, separation, volume and dimension for modern styles. The Beta Shear is a 27 tooth shear, designed for thinning and texturising. The Delta Shear is a perfectly balanced straight blade designed for smooth and clean cuts, which achieves a sharp cutting angle and can be used to remove length on hair both wet and dry. The Gamma Shear is a 35 tooth thinning scissor, which gives the stylist maximum control through an open, natural grip, creating a smooth, velvety texture.

Built from the highest grade steel, the new RUSK Engineering Sheers will be an asset to the stylist’s comfort and technique, as well as the client’s cut.

For more information visit or call 1800 126 806

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