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RUSK Styling Collection All About the Hold

The new RUSK Styling Collection combines shine, strength and colour protection to comprise the ultimate staying power. The range allows you to choose between holds of different strengths at five varying levels to achieve the desired results. The long-lasting, medium hold creates the perfect balance between natural textures and shapes, while the extreme hold level takes it up a notch, supporting gravity-defying editorial styles with its extra-strength grip.

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The RUSK Styling Collection

The secret ingredient has long been a favourite of health junkies. The formula is imbued with Hydrolysed Quinoa, as well as Silk Amino Acids and Hydrolysed Keratin. These ingredients form a barrier against external stresses, but retain moisture and smoothness. The combination of molecular weight amino acids and stronger penetration in the Quinoa has damage and cuticle repairing, hydrating and shining qualities for the hair.

The Medium Hold Paste and Texture products are the most pliable, creating a shape-shifting texture, where the hair will be voluminous, defined and finished whilst still flexible. The next level, the Strong Hold, has a Putty that will last all day, add thickness and keep the hair under control without confining it. The Extra Strong Hold Glue has a firm, flexible hold that easily washes off. Perfect for any up styles, the glue is powerful against the elements and adds thickness to the hair. Lastly, the Extreme Hold Freezing Spray creates the strongest shape, as well as definition and shine.

The range is already impressing the industry, having recently won an award at the 2014 American Package Design Awards, held by Graphic Design USA magazine. The range won among thousands of entries. The award commends the brand for taking its aesthetic in a new, modern direction.

The power is in your hands with the RUSK Styling Collection, which allows you to choose between natural, textured and defined in its multi-level line.

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