Held at Russia’s ‘international hairdressing education project,’ the Moscow Beauty Academy, Sam, supported by Missy and Leah Rowley on colour, led a three day interactive masterclass. With demonstrations in the morning and hands-on workshops in the afternoon, over 30 hairdressers (from as far as eight hours away!) collaborated, each day, to learn from Sam, Missy, Leah and H2D.


It’s not the most predictable market choice, but according to Sam, the Russians are ‘lapping up’ H2D.

“They’re absolutely loving it! Russia has such a huge population that they’re always looking for stimulation, something new and different. I think our competitors are a little too expensive for the Russian market, and that’s why H2D is doing so well – the tools are equally superior, but come in at that lower price point,” says Sam.

Sam and his team including Creative Director of the H2D Institution and Moscow Beauty Academy, Andrey Tideman, presented six looks, exploring a variety of styles, skills and textures that while mindful of trends, were – as always with Overton – all about the classics and all important suitability.

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“The models were a mix of in house and professional. It’s funny whenever models hear the word ‘international artist’ they jump at the chance to get involved – they think they’re going to walk out with something really trendy.”

While Sam claims he’s not a diva when travelling for work, “I don’t need a 5 star hotel and silk sheets,” some could say he’s slightly precious about the fundamentals of hairdressing – its classics or bust!

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“So many hairdressers get carried away with the creative side of things, yet they can’t graduate or cut a straight line – it’s this harmful mindset, and surge of ego that make hairdressers believe they’re better than the classics.”

“No matter how experienced a hairdresser is, when they see an advanced haircut, they often don’t know where to start. I always say, a haircut is like a good spaghetti bolognese, it’s not just tomato sauce and away you go, there are so many other ingredients involved,” says Sam.

In saying this, according to Sam, Russian hairdressers are among the best he’s ever taught, and he welcomed a huge mix throughout the three days – all equally excited to learn new, H2D inspired cutting and styling skills.


“We had all different skills in the class. One girl was so nervous her mum rang up prior to let us know she may require some special attention. When we finished, she started crying tears of gratification with how much she had learnt, and how much more confident she felt.”

H2D’s competition winner and wing woman for the trip, Missy also landed back in Australia with a whole new perspective on cutting, with the confidence to boot.

Not a bad outcome for simply uploading a H2D styled client to Facebook as part of an online competition!

Check out the below YouTube link for more insight into H2D’s Russian excursion, and be sure to pick up INSTYLE Jan Feb for extended, exclusive quotes and anecdotes from Sam Overton and H2D Director, James Foley.

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