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Sachajuan Celebrates Official Australian Launch

To stand out in the global hair industry, products and brands are usually overly-reliant on gimmicks.

Not Sachajuan – a brand whose simple sleek, packaging, comprehensive and functional product portfolio and quintessential European charm have continually found worldwide success since its 2002 launch. Now in 30 countries around the world, Sachajuan officially added Australia to the ever-expanding list of countries, and a busy few days of events made its relatively new-found presence known.


First, an elegant industry event on Sunday night gathered over 100 industry patrons at The Stables, Surry Hills. Hosted by Australian distributors, Mark and Melinda Kruger and supported by Alan White and District Salon, the team welcomed stylists, media, salon owners and more to the event.


The next day beauty media were invited to District Salon for a Sachajuan specialty blow dry, before Sachajuan co-founder Sacha Mitic, Frankee Endersbee of District Salon and Kim Rattenbury of Kimmy Ralphs presented an inspiring look and learn seminar.

Sacha Mitic also has the privilege of being one half of the Sachajuan name, which is a portmanteau of his name and that of his business partner and the brand’s other co-founder Juan Rosenlind. Together with CEO Richard Wikström, he headed over from Sweden to officially welcome the brand into the Australian market. As an accomplished international session stylist in his own right, Sacha’s approach to creativity has very much informed the design, production and education direction of the brand.


Melinda Kruger addresses the crowd

“Creative can mean just to progress, it doesn’t have to be something that’s strange or odd, it’s just a progression of ideas, and I think one of the main things is when you progress in being creative is that you actually create something that shows the beauty of hair,” he shared. “How do you want a woman to look? For me it’s always been, if I’m doing someone’s hair, do I want to go for dinner with that woman? I’m not doing hair that I can’t relate to, that I don’t think is beautiful for someone. That doesn’t mean it can’t be different, but it has to be tasteful.”

It’s this classic, understated approach to haircare that defines Sachajuan. Marketing itself as efficient and high-end, the brand looks for what stylists really need and delivers on that, no bells and whistles necessary. Case in point – the brand’s newest launch, in the form of the Sachajuan Hair Cleansing Cream.

“We found that in certain types of textures, you don’t want to have that really clean hair, like you have with the shampoo,” Sacha said. “If you have really rough or curly textures, sometimes you just want to refresh the hair but you don’t want to have a shampoo that strips it, so we thought it would be a great thing to have a hair cleansing cream that can refresh the hair and take away grease.”


Sheree Knobel, Sacha Mitic and Kim Rattenbury

Utilising the brand’s signature Ocean Silk Technology that incorporates natural sea algae, the product is a unique new addition to the already vast Sachajuan portfolio. When asked about which products he considers the ‘hero product’ of the range, Sacha can’t choose a favourite – every product is vital, each tool is necessary for different and specific hair types, and, because of their light texture, many of the products are designed to be used together.

“One great thing with the styling range is you can actually layer products without the hair becoming heavy, so it depends on what you want to do, what kind of style, what kind of texture the hair has naturally and how you want to manage it,” he said. “I know the Ocean Mist has been one of our best selling products and with the Volume Powder we put something that was a bit different on the market, but I see a lot of products that are really essential for the line.”


Sachajuan is centred on putting these vital products into the market and stepping back – even with their education, they don’t tell stylists how to use the products or what to do, they give them the tools and allow them to employ them in facilitating their own separate viewpoints. It’s a methodology that pays dividends for stylists around the world, and the Sachajuan duo themselves.

“We’ve had this vision together since 1997,” Sacha said of creating the brand with Juan. “We’ve always gone our own way in doing things. We always say we’re not going to push anyone to like us, either people like it or they don’t like it, we can’t do any more. It’s important to feel proud of what you produce and stand for it.”

With that mentality, Sachajuan is standing tall, and standing out.

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