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Salon Profile: Blonde, Henley Beach

At the centre of Henley Beach’s cosmopolitan community (think a mix of beach culture, café culture and a social hub just 20 minutes away from the Adelaide CBD) is the very fitting Blonde salon. The pristine salon boasts a Scandinavian spa-like environment, built from sustainable and natural materials to act as a relaxing getaway, for clients to experience covetable services and be truly pampered.

This luxury starts from the impressive aesthetic, a structure of natural timbers that help to absorb noise, while floor to ceiling glazed windows enhance natural light, materials, colours and textures throughout the salon space. Premium white station chairs and modern basin seating, bold copper lighting, marble tiles and wooden interior features, such as wall clocks, continues this simple and luxurious aesthetic. No design piece exists without purpose, with each feature working to imbue the salon with serenity, function and style.

The Blonde team is also extremely eco-friendly, partnering with product company Keune Haircosmetics, which are vegan, PPD and cruelty free. The salon recycles all packaging waste, and conserves lighting with the influx of natural light available – although when necessary, the salon has been fitted with energy efficient LED lighting (rather than its more harmful counterparts) which runs the full length of the many stations in the salon.

In terms of service, the team sticks to its ethos of creativity, quality and style, to offer clients the complete salon experience, with customer service being prioritised in every facet of the service. The Blonde title and focus fit perfectly into the trendy beach culture that surrounds the salon.

Just peeking into the modern salon, it is clear that luxe style, quality of care and VIP treatments are paramount. A necessary staple of the eclectic Henley Beach culture.

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