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Salon Profile: Elite Hair & Beauty

The little sandstone steeple in Newcastle is not exactly what you’d believe it to be on first glance – while retaining all the classic external features of an actual, old-school church, it’s actually much-loved local salon Elite Hair & Beauty.

The salon has been in operation for eleven years and has called the church home for eight. A recent refurbishment means their team of eight has more room to work, with 11 stations, four basins and a wall of greenery in the centre, separating the areas and offering privacy. The move to the church wasn’t planned, just a case of being in the right place at the right time, but their unique location is now the ideal fit, and has helped them build their brand identity.

“We still have all the beautiful windows, and the sandstone church is still gorgeous outside,” explained salon Director and Manager Jade West. “Inside, the salon is quite modern, we’ve used a lot of timber and have some beautiful furniture from Comfortel.”

The Newcastle salon is extremely family orientated. Jade’s parents bought it originally, and Jade, her mother Leanne and her business partner Alex Murphy recently took full ownership to direct and manage the salon between them. This strong sense of family extends to the clientele. The salon provides services for a large contingent of the community, both men and women, and people of all ages, even children. It’s a place the entire brood can feel comfortable and showcases a sense of comfort and community that conveniently matches its exterior aesthetic.

The salon team is a family in its own right, with members having been part of the team for close to a decade, and the most recent addition an apprentice with almost four years of experience in the salon (“she’s our newbie,” Jade says). While the team is looking to expand, this sense of loyalty and camaraderie pervades the salon as a whole. The owners count the fact that they’ve had many clients as regulars for their full eleven years of operation (and follow them through a relocation and a refurbishment) as one of their proudest achievements.

Supporting the salon is their major product partner Joico, a brand with which they’ve been given runway and editorial opportunities, and which lines the back room, the basin and the salon shelf. The salon has partnered with Joico for nine years, another longstanding relationship that showcases their dependability, and deepens their family mentality. It’s a product line that complements them perfectly, helping them stand out in the Newcastle market and catering to their barrage of blonde requests.

“Our clients love Joico, the retail price point is really good for them, especially where we are in the suburbs,” Jade revealed. “They love the products and the Blonde Life range that’s just come out has been an amazing seller. At the moment that’s our go-to!”

When it comes to product, clients and team, Elite Hair & Beauty is a family-first salon and a haven for anyone who’s been visiting for more than a decade or just happens to walk by. With their unique aesthetic and impressive standing in the community, how could you not stop to find out more?

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