Welcome Pélo by Lago, a luxe, European-style salon destination that opened its doors in August 2020, launching into Cronulla as if it had always been there and rapidly becoming a staple of the community. Now, as a salon partner to the Kao Salon Division and with renowned salon owner Kirby Lago at the helm, the chic space is ticking every box to be primed for success.

“Pélo by Lago is known for enhancing natural hair and creating low maintenance, lived in hair colours and cuts that won’t compromise hair health,” said salon owner Kirby Lago. “For me it’s all in the detail and in every foil around the hairline. The technique is so seamless, and it just gets better and better over time. Using superior colour and care products from Goldwell ensures quality colour that lasts the distance.”

The salon is designed with minimalistic interiors that transports clients to a luxury European locale, with earthy tones and curved walls and textures. Hero features include the entrance mural, a two-metre wall mounted dry floral arrangement and a custom-made centrepiece table with hand selected pebbles that complement the salon aesthetic, all of which is rooted in sophistication.

“I had this idea of building a salon that not only created beautiful hair but made people feel a certain way whilst they were getting their hair done. I wanted to perfect that culture and vibe,” Kirby said. “In the leading month I had a salon Pinterest board and had already decided on a few things I would be doing before I had even found a space. I had a few close people helping me make some of the big and little decisions, but no designer.”

“I put a lot of thought into customer service,” she continued. “I really worked out what I wanted and then I created a ‘Pélo Bible’ that goes over every detail of how we do things at Pélo so each client has a consistent result and experience,” she continued.

Kirby has worked in hairdressing for seventeen years and opened her first salon when she was nineteen years old, going on to own and operate multiple salons in Surry Hills. Pélo by Lago is the result of those years of experience, with hairdressing work and education extending from here to LA, as well as a settled family life with her husband and three children and a strong vision, putting Kirby in the perfect place to open this stellar salon.

“Our success is thanks to vision, planning and execution, there’s no luck involved here,” she said. “Every single detail of Pélo by Lago was thought out and purposeful.”

The salon specialises in lived-in colour and balayage, as well as hair movement, dimension and texture. In these endeavours, Kao Salon Division, known for their top-tier brands and innovations in colour and style, including Goldwell and KMS, proves the perfect partner.

“We’re so excited to welcome Pélo by Lago to the Kao Salon family,” said Justin Anderson, General Manager for Kao Salon Division. “In launching Pélo by Lago, Kirby has created a fantastic salon destination and we look forward to supporting Kirby as she continues to grow her quality reputation and business.”

“Goldwell to me just means quality,” Kirby said. “It was a no brainer for me. I want to create healthy beautiful colours that last and Goldwell ensures I can do that. The Goldwell Silklift lightener is definitely my favourite product. It is one luxe lifter! You can tell the immediate difference when lifting with this product. The result is so much more stable and healthy.”

Kirby Lago

With so much experience behind her and a salon empire and destination in front of her, Kirby’s optimism about her trajectory and hairdressing at large is palpable.

“Timing is everything,” she advised other hairdressers. “Make sure you’re in the right headspace. Have clear goals and enough energy to give to your new space. Know what your brand is about so clients can relate and want to be a part of it. I am so impressed and proud of our industry. It is a fantastic time to be a hairdresser.”

As clients leave the salon, words greet them at the top of the stairs – “look at you, you’re beautiful”. Pélo by Lago has worked it out, it’s all about how you make your clients feel, while they relax in your chair and leave with a spring in their step, confident in the aura, products and services they’ve just been treated to.

We’re calling it the Pélo effect, and you should be seeing it sweep Sydney right about now.

For more information visit www.pelobylago.com