Another finalist in Hair Expo 2017’s Best Salon Design category, Victoria’s Rixons 343 salon has an inspiring aesthetic and compelling story to set it apart. The salon was created from three generations of hairdressers, boasting a sleek, elegant and luxurious design that acts as a little haven away from the frenetic energy of everyday life.

“Born out of the thinking from three-generations of hairdressing, a confidence in the success of our brand and desire to give our customers an exceptional experience, the salon showcases our innovation and integrity with a design strong on detail and delivery,” Salon Owner Mark Rixon said. “The salon is beautiful and functional. It excites our customers and celebrates the skill and creativity of our staff.”

Devoted to the client experience, the salon feels warm and inviting the moment clients walk in. Pristine marble bench tops, wooden floors and plenty of light give the salon an expensive feel, with a pervading white, beige and grey palette adding to a sophisticated and understated aesthetic.

White leather chairs at the basin, and plush white chairs at the reception’s waiting area contribute to the luxurious salon vibe.

The pops of colour come from fancy floral arrangements and the retail shelf, which offers bright and premium products from Kérastase.

“The salon’s understated and elegant design establishes a strong and palpable emotional connection with people. The salon vibe feels big, generous, warm and welcoming. Everyone loves it,” Mark continued.

“We have been overwhelmed by the response, not just from our existing clientele but from the wider community. We are amazed by how busy we have become. It is clear Geelong wanted this salon and they have embraced it wholeheartedly.”

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