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Salon Profile: Royal Relocation

Royals’ Hair and Beauty is now just Royals’ Hair amidst a relocation and new salon design. The salon has found a new home at Castle Hill (a very fitting name, indeed) and, led by salon owners Mary and Adam Alamine, has well and truly begun a new era.


It’s not just a change of name and change of address that mark the new era of Royals – a new, long-awaited aesthetic will also define the next phase of the salon. Inspired by the team’s love of Moroccan culture, the salon has had distinctive, bright and unique pieces imported straight from Morocco. Genuine Moroccan doors line the ceiling (yes, you read that right), colourful plates hang on the walls and ornate lamps and metallic grills anchor the décor.


“Mary and I share a love for the Moroccan design and we wanted a space that was authentic,” said Adam, whose heritage underpins the Moroccan theme. “We wanted real pieces from Morocco with a distinct ‘imperfect beauty’ so we steered clear of polished finishes and relied heavily on reclaimed timber, handmade pieces and lots of original, unique items from Morocco.”


The salon has adopted Moroccan culture not just in aesthetic, but also in ideals, particularly in the country’s approach to hospitality, communication and customer service. The new space speaks to that culture, whilst also optimising staff productivity, retail sales and practicality.


“If you’ve travelled to Morocco, Tunisia or Algeria you would know about their legendary hospitality and we wanted to infuse that culture of warmth and love into the salon,” Adam confirmed. “Clients come to you to have their hair done but they should also feel like honoured guests throughout their visit. They should leave feeling renewed and rejuvenated and crave their next visit to your salon.”


If there’s one thing the salon has retained it’s their commitment to the environment. Reclaimed materials, energy efficient appliances, LED lightings and ECOheads at the basins ensure proper management of electricity and water. The salon also recycles foil and properly separates and disposes of all waste, proving their eco-conscious mindset.


“We were so excited to unveil the new space; it’s very unique, and has layers of detail on detail, we definitely didn’t apply the less is more rule to this new design which has helped our salon culture of warmth and family to evolve,” Adam shared.

With so many doors adorning the salon, clients are bound to walk through.

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