Darwin is welcoming a laidback keratin hair bar to its landscape, innovating in the hair space in an iconic state renowned for its landmarks and scenery. Titled the K bar, the salon is pioneered by Cassandra Harris and created to provide a sanctuary and escape for locals, with a relaxed atmosphere, sense of community and true connection comprising its DNA. 

“I am really excited to launch the K bar. It is a new concept to the Northern Territory,” Cassandra said. “I have chosen to launch it here in Darwin as the city is open to new ideas and concepts and ready for something new like the K Bar. We are COVID free in the NT and able to get out and enjoy all the wonderful services that local businesses have to offer.”

The salon is specifically crafted and curated to become this haven to clients, with thought given to every aspect of the design, as well as to the product partnerships it utilises with haircare experts TIGI.

“The K bar is a sanctuary from the moment you arrive. Our feel is warm and welcoming and our services are industry best, but we are not just any hair salon, we offer a broad range of offerings, partnering with international artists to deliver education nights,” Cassandra added. “The space has been created for like-minded people to collaborate together for industry education and client education.  We want to empower and grow those in our industry.”

“It’s also really uplifting. I’ve brought together all the things that I love in my life and I’m sharing them with our local community  – my trade, fashions, dogs, music – anything unique,” she continued. “Someone once told me that we surround ourselves with people that either raise or lower our standards. Hopefully the K bar can become a place where we raise people – they enjoy spending time with us and they leave feeling better about themselves.”

True to its name and showing its versatility, the space also includes elements that make it look and feel more like a bar than a salon. The space is already becoming a stalwart of the community, with its bold, eclectic persona and with human connection at its core.

“Everyone is loving the K bar. I’m really proud to be delivering such an innovative and thoughtful concept to the market and am looking forward to growing the business here in Darwin and the brand generally,” Cassandra said. “Going to the hairdresser isn’t just about getting your hair done, it’s about connecting with people, relaxing, and feeling good about yourself.”

For more information visit www.kbarnt.com