Welcome The Neighbourhood Salon, a long held dream for directors of style and colour respectively, Shane Crow and Kyle Nawrocki, who started their hairdressing careers together more than a decade ago. After beginning their working careers together at a boutique salon in Sydney’s Potts Point, they formed a friendship, then a professional partnership and The Neighbourhood Salon, which lives up to its community-focused namesake.

“Our vision at The Neighbourhood Salon is to create a unique and tailored experience for each and every client,” the pair said. “Everyone is welcome in our space to enjoy the great service, laughs and bespoke colour and cut designed for your individual style and personality.”

“We are all about comfort. A space that is inviting and open to all forms of expression, as we think this helps our clients build trust. Plus it’s nice to think you can spend time with us to unwind, to work, to laugh… a neighbourhood feeling,” they continued.

When you think of a neighbourhood, The Neighbourhood Salon ticks every box, with a varied, eclectic clientele of regulars and a small, close team of professionals leading the way.

“Everyone is welcome to The Neighbourhood. That’s something we are super passionate about maintaining and the reason why we opened the salon,” the pair said. “That’s why we now have such a varied clientele. It so interesting though, I think some of our clients love each other more than us. We have days where we have to interrupt the conversation to get people over to the basin, and we love it like that! The energy is infectious.” 

“We are a small team with highly specialised roles, which we feel means that you get the best of cut and colour,” they added. “Joint consultations between colourists and stylists allow us to bounce off of each other and our client with no miscommunication. We are working together on your outcome from start to finish.” 

With Kérastase and Mr Smith used for style and Redken for colour, the salon is focused on luxury products and client-focused services as its point of difference.

“Consultations are our hero services for sure,” they said. “We love what we do and we pride ourselves in our craft and knowledge. We also always strive to create an effortless cut and colour that will work with our clients styling ability, hair type and the health of the hair. We are 100 per cent about what our clients need, what works for them and what they are looking for. It’s about making our clients feel great after they leave, as well as between appointments and not about what our bank balance does.” 

Adding to this important focus with their experience and knowledge in everything from colour to style and precision cuts, The Neighbourhood Salon offers fresh looks and the space to hang your hat to actually show them off. Join the Neighbourhood.

For more information visit www.neighbourhoodsalon.com.au