Welcome to Newcastle’s The New Black Industries salon, strikingly focused on a luxury aesthetic, top-tier products and bringing a sense of high urban fashion to a more rural area. The salon is entirely centred on the trends and looks of the moment (hence the title including ‘New Black’) and presents an esteemed, minimalist aesthetic that allows clients to feel like they’re on set the moment they walk in.

“Our inspiration is and always will be fashion and that’s how we designed the salon,” shared Alsion Capiello, who is the salon Director along with Jodi Nicholson. “The lighting and placement of the mirrors were designed to feel like the clients are at a fashion shoot, we have a professional area where we shoot our clients at the end of their styling session, either for our Instagram or their own references.”

The luxe salon look includes key features such as a gorgeous marble reception desk, full length mirrors and windows down separate sides of the salon with trendy circular mirrors at the bench, luxury black and grey furniture, a modern tea and coffee station and grey stone walls and tiles. At the centre of the salon is their hero area, described as “a beautiful big long cutting bench where the lighting over it looks like a runway,” according to Alison. Here, clients can enjoy their pampering service and feel fashion forward all at once.

The palette of the salon fits into these classic and minimalist tones of black and grey, with the only pops of colour coming from the premium products, specific greenery and pot plants such as cacti and T2 labels. It is this restrained and impactful aesthetic that allows that salon to remain always relevant, modern and in style. With this alluring aesthetic, it was nominated in the category of ‘Salon Design’ at this year’s Hair Expo Awards.

Luxury products are also essential to the salon, with brands such as Wella Professionals, Oribe and, newly, Christophe Robin featured for professional use and on the extended retail wall.

“We handpick the products we have in the salon, we have product lines that have been chosen for their background in fashion inspiration that we can bring to our clients,” Alison explained. “We want to have the Mecca of hair in Newcastle.”

Hoping to bring a sense of strong New York and Parisian high-fashion aesthetic influences to Newcastle, and succeeding in this endeavour, the clients of The New Black Industries are enveloped by luxury and fashion the moment they step through the salon doors. Put this salon on 5th Avenue or the Champs-Elysées and it would fit right in.

For more information visit lovetnb.com.au