With a 17 year legacy at its ACT location, during which time it’s doubled in size, the Shearing Shed’s inimitable hair community is so much more than a salon, it’s a bona fide institution.

The Shearing Shed is a home away from home for many, a welcoming salon on the outskirts of Canberra, which promises quality, constant innovation and evolution and a smiling face to greet you. As built and led by Kylie Hartshorn and Kylie Harmey, this sense of service has been the basis of so much loyalty and has helped the salon flourish over 17 years in business.

“One of the reasons the salon has been successful is that all the staff have been here for such a long time and the consistency of the staff and the friendly, family-style atmosphere we have brings people in,” the pair said. “Watching our salon grow has been because our staff and clients love to walk in and greet each other, there’s so much familiarity, and we’ve doubled in size since we started. We’re open to anything, there’s nothing we don’t do, if we don’t know it we’ll learn it and practice until we get it right.”

The team offer a comprehensive salon service list that caters to their extremely vast clientele, ensuring every client feels they have a place and a chair at the salon.

“We do every service, particularly colour, but we do everything, there’s nothing we don’t do. Our clients range from little kids to 100 year old ladies and everything in between,” they said.

Their sense of loyalty and family extends to their brand partners, and they’ve joined with Joico in their salon endeavours and laud the brand for their innovation, business and education support and ability to inspire.

“We use all Joico products and largely create nice bright blondes, brunettes and bright reds, but we do a lot of Color Intensity and pastel colours as well,” they said. “We’ve been with Joico for a very long time, they’re beautiful products and they keep up with all the technology and trends, it’s all about healthy hair so we love that they make the hair really healthy and shiny.”

Their must-use ranges and favourite products are constantly updating as the brand comes out with new technology. LumiShine and Blonde Life, particularly its lighteners, shampoos and conditioners, are a constant favourite, but the new products continue to elevate the salon.

“We’ve been using Joico for 20 years, when we first started together we had a range of about 30 products, and the brand has obviously grown and we have technicians come in at least once a month and go over every range and anything we want to do, whether it’s training with the apprentices, or retraining on any technology, so that’s really helpful,” the pair said. “We’ll have a favourite product and then they always surprise us with something better, we’re still even learning some of the new colours, which I just used this morning and absolutely loved. Joico has really connected us as hairdressers with loving what we do with so much new technology.”

With so much variety on offer, a thriving salon community and a sense of loyalty that truly screams family, The Shearing Shed is continuing on their path with Joico, their staff and their clients to continue to flourish.

“Our plan is to keep doing what we’re doing because it’s worked so well, and to mentor and train the younger ones coming up,” the duo said. “We want to continue in training and developing retail as we learn more products.”

The future is bright as ever for The Shearing Shed.

For more information visit www.joico.com