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Salon Success Story: Ziggy’s Barber Salon

Andy Pearson is a 27-year-old barber who has found his passion making a living off the ever-pervasive male grooming craze. As the co-owner of Ziggy’s Barber Salon in Darlinghurst, Sydney, Andy has built a thriving business around a clear ethos, unique aesthetic, and a tight-knit team.

Andy describes Ziggy’s as a “modern to old school barbershop” that also caters to women. The eclectic salon is built around a team of talented individuals who have all been hand-picked by Andy. Everyone brings their own unique personalities and perspectives to the salon and are united by their shared passion and commitment to their trade.

With no formal business training, but big dreams built on his love of great hair, Andy has achieved his goals through hard work and a dedication to building a cohesive team. Andy uses the reporting features built into his Shortcuts software system to inform his approach and help keep track of the finer details of business performance.

Each week, Andy sits down with every staff team member to check in and see how they are tracking against their goals. Thanks to Shortcuts, they have a clear understanding of everything from retail performance to re-bookings and more. The system allows them to identify their strengths and weaknesses in order to constantly improve.

At Ziggy’s, Andy has achieved his vision of building a successful business that is a home away from home for both his clients and his team. His regular clients visit as frequently as every nine days, and he has deliberately created an environment where everyone feels welcome.

“I’m so happy to be where I am and to have a place to call home,” Andy said, emphasising how much the salon helped him find his niche after moving to Sydney from Byron Bay. “It’s not just a business, it’s family. I love being here every day.”

With a clear vision and the right business tools, your own success story is well within reach.

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