Colour flipping, or veiling, is a salon technique proving to be big business as we head into the latter half of the year. The technique provides a quicker option for your clients, requiring less colour to be applied to the hair, and extending the colour option to those clients who usually go without.

“Our clients are loving this technique as it no longer means hours in the salon every 6 to 8 weeks,” shared Aleks Abadia, Esstudio Galleria co-founder and Hair Director. “We create bespoke hidden panels of colour so that when the hair is flipped from one side to the other, it exposes a contrasting colour, an instant dramatic effect that lifts the hair to a new dimension but also a great way to disguise re-growth.”

Stephanie Lange 2
Hair by Aleks Abadia

The technique is achieved with a semi-permanent hue in a rich tone over a more muted permanent shade. Blonde clients can achieve the look with contrasting blonde tones, while brunette clients can achieve a similar effect with a panel of red or auburn colour, with each technique tailored to the client and their natural colour.

The look requires in salon touch ups around every 12 weeks, and can be suited to any hair type. Worth approximately $200 in salon, it’s the ideal service to convert your more apprehensive clients to colour, and showcase the wearable, multi-purpose and contouring benefits of this trend.

Stephanie Lange 1
Hair by Aleks Abadia

“Veiling adds definition to the face and an instant edge that’s also hidden easily, so it’s incredibly wearable,” Aleks confirmed. “Your clients can keep their hair down for an office look, or put it up to show off the hidden panels for a night out. When the hair is flipped, it will provide the appearance of a whole new tone. Day to night solved!”

Is this a trend you’ll be introducing into your salon?

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