Salon Yazbek sits as a haven in the Sydney North Shore community, located on its prominent main strip right over the Harbour Bridge, serving as a stalwart for locals. The space is renowned for its top-tier service, social and environment consciousness and relaxing environment, where it thrives as an Aveda Concept Salon. Now its celebrating its tenth birthday and a recent salon renovation.

“If you are passionate about the environment and care about your hair and beauty, then consumers should consider a salon that uses natural based products like Aveda over a synthetic brand,” salon owner Nathan Yazbek explained of their ethos. “We are proud to partner with Aveda as their colours are 96 per cent naturally derived which uses plant power instead of petrochemicals. Using a botanically based product is better for hairdressers to work with, better for our guests as well as for the planet.”

Nathan Yazbek

Salon Yazbek is beloved by clients for offering natural products that don’t compromise on professionalism and quality, which is extremely relevant, worth seeking out and worth paying for, for modern clients who know what they want. The salon’s natural, eco-friendly and sustainable ethos and products, paired with Aveda’s famous services and rituals, makes for a winning combination.

In terms of service, every Salon Yazbek service begins with a complimentary sensory Ayurvedic ritual, immediately reflecting the salon’s holistic approach to hair and commitment to the client experience. This starts with an Aveda stress relieving oil hand massage with a selected Aveda oil to dissolve tension and raise energy levels with balancing aromas. The service continues with this sense of calm for the duration of the client’s stay.

Hair: Nathan Yazbek, Salon Yazbek, Make Up: Chereine Waddell, Photographer: Jarred Stedman, Wardrobe: Emma Cotterill, Model: Sophie Turnbull at Priscillas Models

Cementing this experience is the space itself. The newly renovated salon is steeped in luxury, as built with natural light shining through floor to ceiling windows, which is complemented by drop down lighting fixtures and contrasting materials, such as concrete flooring mixed with a dark green eye-catching velvet seat. The salon houses space for the salon’s unique rituals, such as a large round table where clients can enjoy the relaxing Aveda teas. Every element of the space is created to instil this comfort and familiar feel in the salon.

Now that ten years are in the books, Nathan is looking forward to the next decade, hoping to grow the team and trade for seven-day weeks with after hours appointment to suit their busiest clientele. Aiming for the stars, he could also see an offshoot barber shop joining the burgeoning salon empire.

Hair: Nathan Yazbek, Salon Yazbek, Make Up: Chereine Waddell, Photographer: Jarred Stedman, Wardrobe: Emma Cotterill, Model: Sophie Turnbull at Priscillas Models

“I have made some amazing connections through my work and business,” Nathan said. “Not only do I get to transform a guest’s image by cutting and styling her hair while I listen to great music in an amazing environment, to then have my guest leave the salon with a beaming smile because I made her look and feel amazing is a feeling I cannot describe. It’s my motivation for the past ten years and will be for the next ten.”

Happy birthday Salon Yazbek!

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