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It “goes without saying” that the client will have a lovely haircut, according to Salon Yazbek Owner Nathan Yazbek. A little extra thought for your salon’s identity, the environment or a client’s fully immersive experience goes a long way.


Salon Yazbek, an Aveda concept salon, bears this in mind from the moment the client walks through the door until they leave. Located just over the Harbour Bridge in Sydney’s chilled out Neutral Bay, the service is made up of rituals, from the head massage that begins the session, to the makeup touch-up that ends it. The result is more of an all-out pampering session than your standard cut or colour, taking full advantage of Aveda’s haircare, beauty and lifestyle products and committing entirely to the client to go a step beyond the cut.

Definitively Aveda in several facets, with environmental consciousness at the forefront of the salon philosophy being one of them, Salon Yazbek is also very interested in developing its own personality, separate from the brand. The salon aesthetic conveys this to a tee. Post-consumer chip wood lines the walls and cabinets, alongside deconstructed energy efficient light installations, which anchor a raw overall aesthetic. At the same time, glamorous portraits of the stars of the 50s, think Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot and Elizabeth Taylor, line the walls. This speaks to Nathan’s personal taste – a little touch of Yazbek shining through and debunking the usual Aveda essence entirely.


This multidimensional personality suits a wide and varied clientele. Now in its fifth year of business, and situated centre stage on Military road, the salon has acquired a diverse, loyal client base that Nathan says falls into three groups.

“We have your young working professionals and academics from the area, they come in after hours when we’re open until 9 on Wednesday and Thursday nights,” Nathan explained. “Then we have your Mosman mums, who like to get themselves pampered as well. Our third group would be the consciously aware consumer who wants to consume naturally derived products with their hair colour, which fits into their lifestyle of eating clean and going to yoga. There’s that sort of community feel in Neutral Bay.”

If that’s the vibe of Neutral Bay, Salon Yazbek fits right in. Nathan admits that his second career path would have been a yoga instructor, and a stringent recycling policy, water saving tap ware and clean energy sources speak to his own personal values, as much as the salon’s philosophy.

“I liked the story of the brand,” said Nathan of the ecologically-minded match-up with Aveda. “It’s the only beauty product I know of that’s sustainably sourced. They have a whole lifestyle brand of haircare, skincare, makeup, and lifestyle products, and our colours are 96 per cent naturally derived, and they smell amazing as well. Everything has a key ingredient and signature smell so it’s more of a tactile kind of product.”


Nathan Yazbek

Nathan cites these semi-permanent colours, as well as treatments and oils as hero services and products. Makeup, candles and essential oils also form part of the retail catalogue, allowing clients to leave with a more relaxed mind frame and the tools to continue it.

This stellar service menu, combined with their loyal clientele and strong salon team opens new doors for the burgeoning salon.

“Our next step is to keep growing the brand, to keep doing what we’re doing,” Nathan shared. “At five years we’re at a really interesting point. The first three years in business were quite hard, we had to establish the right clientele, get the right team members on board, and now this fifth year is where I’m starting to experiment with a bit of extra-curricular, fashion shows and photo shoots.”


Nathan Yazbek editorial imagery

Looking to conquer the editorial landscape, Salon Yazbek will need a solid foundation to act as their launching pad. Situated as Military Road’s little haven, the vital means of escape by which working professionals, busy mums and the environmentally-conscious venture for a much-needed pampering session, Salon Yazbek has just the right basis to find their next step.


Nathan Yazbek editorial imagery

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