During her tenure on the Bachelorette, Sam Frost has had to make some tough decisions. Which eligible suitor to deny a rose, which death-defying date activity to choose next and, of course, which new hair look to wear to each week’s single date, group date and cocktail party?

While she has had some healthy competition for the series’ best hair (Drew’s man bun and Osher’s much-hyped mane are hard to ignore), Sam’s major hair transformation from blonde to brunette at the beginning of the series set the (literal) tone. This change converted her from jilted blonde to lucky in love brunette and started her on her second chance for love (or at least, that’s the narrative we’re going with). Yes, picking a potential husband is important, but ensuring your hair rivals Osher’s episode by episode is equally vital (and, we assume, a multi-person job).

Tough competition

There’s no doubt all your clients are watching the show, so while Sam is yet to pick a winner, we’re journeying back through our favourite hair looks of the season.

1. Her blonde hair brought upon way too many Blake Garvey memories, so Sam started the show with a bang – new year, new outlook, new colour. We think it’s a win.


2. This kiss with Sash gave us the perfect view of her intricate high ponytail – totally worth it.


3. This Geisha-inspired bun is the perfect accessory to any dinner date with your five boyfriends.


4.  This cute heart-shaped braided look is something of a symbol – we’ve heard of visualising love, but constructing it in your hair look is next level.


5. This twisted hair look gave new meaning to the term ‘tying the knot’ (I’m so sorry we went there).


It almost distracts from the awkwardness of this photo… Almost.

So awkward. Nice knot though.

6. Sam’s braid is so perfect, you’d hardly believe she had just been doing stunts in a vintage plane (that helmet is bound to mess up your hair).

7. Getting into character with a sleek and Spanish-style hair look for her tango date.


8. Another symbolic style – does her leafy hair accessory conjure rose ceremony connotations? Note: we may have started reading too much into this.


Which hair look will your clients opt for – and, more importantly, can any of them compete with Drew’s glorious man bun?

Gone too soon