As we watched Carrie Bradshaw navigate her tumultuous love life over 6 seasons and 2 movies of Sex And The City, we also watched her traipse through the uncharted waters of late 90s, early naughties hair trends. From the straight hair trend (Carrie even started an argument with Big in Season 2 for the right to leave her blowdryer in his apartment) to pioneering the bob (see season 5), Carrie’s hair choices were almost as significant as her shoe collection.

Since the series ended Sarah Jessica Parker has carried on this legacy with aplomb, always opting for a dramatic up style or rich colour choice to suit her high fashion outfits. To celebrate the actresses 50th birthday tomorrow, we’ve gathered 10 of our favourite looks for the star.

1. This casual low ponytail is an easy answer to elegance, with pulled out pieces and textured volume the key to this client-favourite look.


2. Sarah shows off chic curls in this rich ombré colour, which travels from a deep brunette hue to soft blonde at the tips.


3. At the 2013 Met Gala Sarah opts for her favoured pulled back, complex up style with a dramatic head piece drawing attention to the look.

met gala 2013

4. Sarah sported this wavy bob in the latter seasons of SATC, with the tousled locks becoming a defining look of that pop cultural era.


5. Flowers, dramatic dual-bun sectioning and her usual penchant for volume complemented Oscar De La Renta at the 2014 Met Ball.

2014 met gala

6. This trendy ombré colour works just as well in a classy, dead straight style.



7. This glamorous red carpet look is centred on volume and layers, with a sleek pulled back style that bursts into a big, floral aesthetic.



8. This top-heavy ponytail is a simple, but glamorous look for your clients to try, especially when paired with the right accessories and worn with multidimensional colour like this.


9. This side ponytail shows off the multitude of colour tones in SJP’s hair.

Lexus Design Disrupted Fashion Experience

10. Stepping out a little more natural, Sarah’s golden brown locks are worn with her famous curls, transcending trends and time with this iconic style.


While SATC is long gone, Sarah continues Carrie’s sense of style with an always-fabulous hair look and outfit to match. Which look is your favourite for the style queen?