She’s been everything from a fiery red head, to a bombshell blonde, to a more mysterious brunette, and rocked every hair look from a tousled bob to long locks, a pixie cut and an undercut. It’s fair to say that Scarlett Johansson has run the gamut of hair looks, and seems to have now settled on a very trendy short hair style.

To celebrate the actress’ 31st birthday over the weekend, we pay tribute to her bold approach to hair – freedom of colour and shaved sides on the red carpet are decisions to be admired, after all. Hopefully your clients will feel the same way when faced with these 13 of her best hair looks.

1. This is where it all began. Although notoriously known for her more dramatic colour choices, this chestnut colour tone is Scarlett’s natural hue and paints a clear picture of how far she’s come.main.original.640x0c

2. You can see why Scarlett has come to be known as a bombshell blonde, rocking the fairer shade here flawlessly.


3. With an added fringe and some varying length at the front, the look continues to evolve.


4. This curly bob style is almost a lesson in how to do dishevelled.


5. Wearing her current look of choice, here Scarlett masters the undercut at this year’s Academy Awards.


6. And here she diversifies the undercut with a pink lip and some added height.


7. Known mostly for this deep red in her role as Natasha Romanoff AKA The Black Widow in the Marvel Universe films, Scarlett pulls off this rich shade both on and off the set.


8. An effortless, natural take on the blunt cut bob.


9. Scarlett takes advantage of her then longer hair with a simple but effective crown braid.


10. This rich chocolate brunette hue proves that Scarlett has truly mastered the full colour wheel.


11. Scarlett opts for a wet look to add further variance to her new short hair style.


12. Volume is key in this elegant up style.


13. Strawberry blonde and windswept, Scarlett shows just why she is a major hair style icon.


Which of these diverse looks is your favourite?