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Sebastian Professional Appoint Robert Lobetta To Creative Visionary Role

There’s hairdressing royalty at the helm at Sebastian Professional, with industry legend Robert Lobetta named the brand’s Creative Visionary, as of last week. In the role, Robert will oversee Sebastian Professional’s creative vision, and also seek out and mentor young hairdressing talents to collaborate with the brand. He will present on behalf of the brand at the upcoming Salon International event taking place in London in October, and work closely with the brand’s Artistic Director Shay Dempsey throughout the role.

After taking a ten year hiatus to pursue creative and inspiration-based passions, Robert is making his long-awaited return to brand, which he once worked with as Creative Director. Robert brings decades of incomparable experience to the new role, building on the 20 years he spent with Sebastian Professional from the 1980s, having revolutionised many aspects of the brand, its products, its image and the industry at large.

“I may have left the building, but my heart never left Sebastian,” Robert said. “I am genuinely thrilled to be collaborating again with this legendary brand. My main motivation for this return is to help craft a new creative vision for the brand and to develop young talent that will carry the creative torch for this great brand into the future.”

“We’re all thrilled to have Robert back,” shared Laura Simpson, Chief Marketing Officer of Coty Professional Beauty, which houses Sebastian Professional. “He brings a blend of Sebastian Professional heritage and creative vision that no doubt will inject a new creative energy to this iconic brand and we’re happy to welcome him back to our tribe.”

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