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Sebastian Professional Showcase New Collection in Sydney

Wear Black, the invitation read for Sebastian Professional’s Sydney collection debut, setting an edgy tone for the night of networking, creativity and education. A strong group of International Urban Artists presented their take on the Metamorphik collection to a gathering of dozens of hairdressers, who were treated to drinks, canapés and some interesting developments in the world of the brand.


Described as a collection of “unexpected extremes where the sleekest shine and most explosive volume manifest side by side,” diversity was definitely on the hair agenda. Australia-turned-American stylist Diva, Brad Lepper from New Zealand and Sebastian Professional educator Aric Z Ding from Asia created their interpretation of this aesthetic.


Aric Z Ding at the Sydney event

Having worked with the brand for 25 years in Australia and abroad, Diva started the show by introducing three new innovative razor cutting techniques. Aric enthralled the crowd with a live haircut and long hair work, while Brad finished off the night with two long hair looks and then collaborated with Diva in working on a creative model. Chic crops stood alongside voluminous styles, platinum blondes complemented deep black hues and structured looks worked with other tousled hair styles – the promise of juxtaposition was realised in full.


Diva presenting on stage

The brand also hinted at two new product releases for the beginning of next year, which will support the company’s ethos of both technical and creative prowess. Stay tuned.

An intimate gathering, where stylists were encouraged to ask questions, network and socialise amidst the inspirational creative work happening on stage, Sebastian Professional succeeded in putting education at the forefront.


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