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Servilles Summer 2014 Collection


Inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins, the Servilles Summer 2014 Collection encompasses boldness, playfulness, and utterly sexy.

“For the campaign we chose to showcase Lust, Wrath and Envy. Because it’s summer we didn’t want the collection to be dark and gloomy, we wanted it to be bright and pop with colour! So we took the colours from each sin and created each style from there,” explained Paul Serville.

“Lust is bright red, seductive and bold. Envy is softer, more playful with subtle shades of green to ensure the look was still very fashion and Wrath is dark, sexy and almost goth-like,” he said.

Salon and Academy: Servilles (New Zealand)
Hair: The Servilles Creative Team
Photographer: Andrew O’Toole
Makeup: Virginia Carde
Styling: Karen Inderbitzen-Waller







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