Australia’s all-new foil company, Foil Me, are starting business with the right personnel at the helm. Celebrity colourist hailing from Sydney’s Bixie Colour, Sheree Knobel, has signed on as their brand ambassador, championing efficient, consistent products that aid the skill of the colourist.

Emily Ciardiello with Sheree Knobel

Sheree is renowned as Jennifer Hawkins’ colourist of nine years, and a passionate innovator and advocate in the world of hair colour. With Foil Me prizing modern technology and professional needs, the alignment was the perfect fit. Fun, playful packaging, brand values that prioritise the hairdresser, premium customer service and a pre-cut foil design created especially to save time for the hairdresser, were some of the reasons Sheree joined with the brand. Foil Me’s signature embossing, ‘tissue box’ design and new technology in the Grip Me collection provide key features that specifically cater to trends in ombre, balayage and hair contouring trends.

“Before Foil Me, the foils I was using were thick and came in a flat pack so they would stick together which is not ideal! Enter Foil Me and I have not looked back,” Sheree enthused. “To me, Foil Me foils are the perfect foil for any colourist! They come in a pop-up tissue box that ensures they are easy to pick up. They are also embossed and this means they give more grip and less slippage when applying colour.”

“As a reasonably young small business, it’s an honour to have someone of Sheree’s calibre on board as our Ambassador,” Foil Me Founder/Director, Emily Ciardiello added. “Sheree’s colour work is legendary within the global hairdressing industry – her passion for colour is unsurpassed – and to have her name associated with our brand after only a relatively short time in business speaks volumes for our brand, our quality, our product design and our character.”

Foil Me and Sheree have since collaborated on the new Grip Me – The Knobel Pastel Pink Pre-Cut Foil Range, which builds on Foil Me’s famous technology and brand ethos, in a playful pastel pink hue. The range has been a huge success for the brand, and Sheree has also been on hand to deliver advice to colourists attempting to maximise their work with Foil Me.

“Ensure you use the pop-up accessory when your foil levels are getting low in the box – this ensures you won’t be fumbling around in the box trying to access your foils,” she advised. “Many people forget about the pop-up accessory – it is so convenient! Also, keep the shiny side on the outside – these foils are designed for colour so use them correctly.”

It’s a match made in colour heaven.

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